How Gus Got His Name

"Why does he have two names?" asked my friend's daughter. Her mom explained that Bob is my real name and that Gus is my nickname. "Why didn't they just call him Nick?" came the response.

I must admit having two names can be a bit confusing at times, but ever since the moniker was given to me it's stuck like glue ... to the point that half the people I know call me Gus. It doesn't matter to me. I'm as comfortable with one as the other. When meeting new people, I have fun seeing which way they fall on the issue. For those who have a hard time choosing, I usually tell them they can call me Gusbob. And after a tour in Central America my bandmates started calling me Gustavo-Roberto! And then there's Gustopher Columbus, for no apparent reason. And so it goes.

Musicians are an odd lot, taking humor wherever we can, and for everything it's got! And it is in this spirit that I welcome you to my website ... welcome to