Gus VanStee solo jazz pianist


I fell in love with music, and more particularly the piano, at around the age of seven when i accidentally discovered a C Major chord on our old family piano. In very short order that led to figuring out all twelve major and minor chords and I was ready to rock & roll! I organized groups for talent shows in elementary school. In junior high it was a rock & roll sock hop band called The Sneakers, and in high school I started playing on a professional level.

The New World Singers was an Aquinas College folk group of between 10 -15 members depending on who was still in school or who had been drafted. We were the face of the Hootenanny times in West Michigan. We also produced commercials for Gantos and Archway Cookies among others.

Kenny Gordon & The Sound Gathering - Toured the eastern half of the US and Canada in our production of Jesus Christ Superstar and later produced our own rock opera, "Today's A Good Day To Die," which played at the Playboy Plaza Hotel in Miami Beach for 13 weeks in 1972.

Checkers Morton formed in the autumn of 1972 in Grand Haven, MI to play free improvisations influenced by jazz musicians such as Miles Davis, Sun Ra and Ornette Coleman. We still perform together.

Turning Point was a very popular jazz-fusion group from 1980-88 - mostly original work, experimental from funk to free. We produced one self-titled album, which you can listen to and purchase on the CDs page. In December 2009 Turning Point held a 25 year reunion at the Wealthy Theater in Grand Rapids along with the group Juniper Bear.

Dave Spring & Friends - Among many gigs, we held a Sunday night jazz jam session for eight years at Jose Babushka's in GR.

For the last two years I have been playing with two Las Vegas repatriates. Tony Reynolds sang with Tom Jones for seven years and Kathy LaMar has just returned after 32 years singing with such as Gladys Knight, Four Tops, Nancy Wilson and Wayne Newton. They both bring a lot to the bandstand.