Music for Grand Occasions

A Grand Occasion is a celebration of life — friends and relations sharing a special time together. Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, retirements, grand openings, corporate events, etc., are obvious occasions — but even an intimate gathering of friends at home for no particular reason can become a Grand Occasion - and nothing makes these celebrations more special than live music.

With over 40 years of entertainment experience, Gus has become a master of the Grand Occasion — tailoring his music to capture the spirit and mood of your occasion, whether intimate or boisterous. And since Grand Occasions occur in many sizes and shapes, Gus can provide the appropriate music to fit the venue and budget, from solo piano to larger groups.

Solo Piano

From the dinner party high atop the Grand Plaza to the backyard birthday party ... from the corporate event to an evening of jazz, carriage rides and poetry at a house party in the Heritage Hill District ... from the dignitaries reception to the art show opening ... from weddings to wakes... the sound of a solo piano brings continuity to all assembled ... a continuity of beauty and grace ... a subtext which brings everybody together. "If your venue already has a fine grand piano, I'd love to make it the centerpiece of your occasion! If not, my portable rig fits comfortably into any space and has a nice grand piano sound."

Larger Groups

When your Grand Occasion calls for something bigger, like a piano trio, perhaps with a singer and horns added, Gus can assemble some of the best talent in West Michigan to fit the occasion. "Over the years I've been blessed to play with many world-class performers including Willie Singleton and Dan Jacobs on trumpet, the legendary Mel Dalton on sax, and exquisite singers like Eileen Sarifis, Edye Evans-Hyde, and Mary Rademacher.

Most recently I've been playing with West Michigan blues icon Jimmy Stagger and our old friend Kathy LaMar on vocals. I'd be delighted to add some of this talent to your celebration!"


To experience "Gus in the House" at your next Grand Occasion, contact him directly by phone (616-897-6763) or email for rates and availability. Prices depend on length of engagement, travel distance, and number of musicians. Solo piano bookings can often be made on fairly short notice depending on schedule commitments. Larger groups usually require significant advance notice.